PNC Park has been the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates since 2001 and has consistently been rated as one of the best ballparks in the MLB. With the vista of the Pittsburgh skyline large behind the outfield, the compact stadium offers great views and just enough quirks to make It a truly great place to watch baseball.

Like AT&T Park, it’s possible to make a splash with a home run, with three fly balls finding their way into the Allegheny River behind the stadium – although Pirates first baseman Pedro Alvarez actually hit his effort into a boat rather than the river itself with the third “river hit” in 2015.

The PNC bucked the trend of new-build ballparks looking for bigger and better with architects HOK concentrating on building something that would fit into the city of Pittsburgh. Envisioning the usage of the Sixth Street Bridge as a walkway for fans from downtown to the city and aligning the field in just the right way to make the most of the city backdrop all added up to a stadium locals are justifiably proud of.

Photo:, CC BY-SA 2.0,