Consistently ranked as one of the best ballparks in Major League Baseball, AT&T Park has been the home of the San Francisco Giants since 2000. Built right on the edge of San Francisco Bay, AT&T Park affords spectators not only a great view of the game in play but of the San Francisco skyline including the Bay Bridge behind the third baseline.

Home of the San Francisco Giants

Indeed, the park is so close to the bay that a notable feature of the park are “Splash Hits” – home runs hit out of right field into what has become known as “McCovey Cove” after legendary Giants first baseman Willie McCovey. There have been 71 “Splash Hits” for the home team since the Giants moved into the park with Barry Bonds hitting 35 of them including the first back in 2001.

Right field is dominated by an arcade of brick arches which allow passers-by to see into the ground from outside the ground. The arches are 24 feet high in honour of Giants legend Willie Mays, who wore 24 on his uniform, and jut quickly away from home plate with right field extending to 421 feet at its furthest. This quirk has created an area known as “triples alley”, with hitters finding it notoriously hard to hit the ball out of the park in that area. The brick arcades are known for bad bounces, which have allowed hitters to hit inside-the-park home runs such as Angel Pagan’s famous two-run walk off effort in 2013.

Left field features an 80 foot Coca-Cola bottle complete with playground slides which lights up when home runs are hit, and a giant baseball glove, giving the backdrop behind the pitcher it’s iconic feel.

The closeness of the bay means that winter jackets are often seen even during the summer months while the humidity of the air only adds to the difficulty of home runs to be hit, making AT&T very much a pitcher’s park. However, the park has been designed to reduce much of the wind that the Giant’s former home Candlestick Park was famous for, making for a much better experience.

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