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Anaheim Angels Vs San Francisco Giants

Angels Vs FranciscoThe World Series played in 2002, was a best-of-seven playoff series ever played to determine the champion of Major League Baseball (MLB) for the 2002 season. The Series was played between the American League champions Anaheim Angels and National League champions San Francisco Giants. It was played at Edison International Field of Anaheim (now known as Angel Stadium of Anaheim) in Anaheim and Pacific Bell Park (now known as AT&T Park) in San Francisco from October 19 to October 27, 2002.

The series was a back-and-forth event, with neither team able to bear momentum from one match to the next.

Previous Series Matches

The Giants defeated the Angels 4-3 in Game 1 at Angel’s home ballpark to take a 1-0 lead. Giant’s Barry Bonds in his first World Series appearance smashed a homer over the right field fence. Most of the people in media began to speculate if the Angels were outmatched. Nevertheless, Angles silenced the columnists by defeating the Giants 11-10 and 10-4 in Game 2 and 3 to took a 2-1 series lead. The San Francisco Giants playing at their home stadium Pacific Bell Park in front of their home crowd defeated the Anaheim 4-3 in Game 4 and embarrassed Angels 16-4 in Game 5. The Giants strongly came back to take a 3-2 game lead and was just one win away to take a World Series title with them.

Game 6

If there was any question about who the greatest baseball team was, it was answered in Game 6. Game 6 was played at Edison International Field of Anaheim on Saturday, October 26, 2002. Turning point in the series came in Game 6, when the Giants were leading in the seventh inning 5-0, and which looked to be an undefeatable lead. However, the Angels came back and scored three runs each in the 7th and 8th inning.

In the seventh inning, Giants’ starting pitcher Russ Ortiz gave up successive singles to the designated hitter Brad Fullmer and 3rd baseman Troy Glaus, and then the Giants manager Dusty Baker pulled him for setup man Felix Rodriguez. Anaheim’s 1st baseman Scott Spiezio came to the base and fouled off pitch after pitch before finally striking a 3-run homer that just cleared the wall in a right field. The score after the seventh inning was Giants 5 and Angels 3.

In the eighth inning, Anaheim’s center fielder Darin Erstad struck a leadoff line-drive homer, trailed by the successive singles by Garret Anderson and Tim Salmon. Giants’ manager brought in Robb Nen to pitch to the Troy Glaus, hoping that Robb could make a strike through that might yet protect the Giants’ slender lead. But, Troy whacked a double to the left-center field gap over Bonds' head to drive in the winning runs. The score after the eighth inning was Angels 6 and Giants 5.

In the ninth inning, Anaheim’s closer Troy Percival stuck out Giants’ shortstop Rich Aurilia to maintain 6-5 lead, and defeated Giants in front of the triumphant home crowd in Game 6. It was the record comeback by a team facing exclusion in World Series and forcing a Game 7.

Game 7 was dominated by the Angels, never giving a chance to Giants in the game, and won the Game 7, the final score was 4-1. The Angels defeated San Francisco Giants 4-3 and won their first World Series title. 2002 World Series title is the Angel’s first championship title in their 42-year history. The Anaheim Angels was also the first AL Wild Card winner to win the World Series title. Angel’s Troy Glaus was named MVP (Most Valuable Person), who scored three home runs with a batting average of .385.