A Short Swing To Power

TIP: You may have heard that a batter should have a short swing rather than a long swing. This is true, but what does that mean? The long swing “casts” in a circular motion behind the back shoulder and and then outward before moving to the point of contact.

This long swing takes more time, therefore the hitter must begin the swing sooner which leads to poor pitch recognition and more failure.

The short swing takes the fastpitch softball bat directly to the contact position. From the stance, the hands (or knob of bat) are taken directly to a point “inside the ball.” The bat never travels behind the back shoulder.

The batter can now wait longer before beginning the swing, thus providing more time for pitch recognition and more success. Use the Hammer training bat to develop the proper “short” swing path to the ball and through the ball. With the Hammer, a long swing results in the ball not traveling toward the target.

With the short swing, the ball travels directly toward the target. For older players, the Hammer should be used with one hand at a time. This builds forearm strength within the proper swing path. Players should take 25 swings at a time.

Allow 5-10 seconds between each repetition, concentrating on the ball hitting the target with each swing. You can purchase a hammer training bat at our web site just go to www.swingaway.com and click on other products.

The Load

TIP: Getting ready to hit by incorporating the proper “load” position.

To gain maximum power, a player must integrate momentum into the swing. At the same time balance and proper eye focus must be maintained.

Assume your stance incorporating the athletic position with 50/50 weight distribution. The majority of your weight should be placed on the inside of each foot.

As the pitcher begins their motion (shows you their hip pocket), you show them your hip pocket. Shift your weight back so that 60% is on the inside of your back foot. The hands will naturally move back slightly with the rest of your upper body.

At this 60/40 position, the player should remain balanced and the eyes remain focused on the pitchers release point. The head should remain level.

This simple hitting necessity can be practiced anytime. The key is to not overload the rear leg. Placing too much weight back will result in an off-balance swing. Keep the ratio at 60/40. This will ensure the required balance.

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