After 162 gruelling games for 4 teams it came down to a single night where for 2 it meant their championship aspirations survived and for the other 2 it was heartbreak. Those 2 that advanced – San Francisco Giants and Toronto Blue Jays – gave themselves a chance to fulfil their dreams and make history, but ultimately both failed as teams that had been better all year eliminated them. For Baltimore Orioles and New York Mets players it was tough to take, as they ended with 163 games.

Injuries in NY Mets

Although, the Mets were hampered severely by injury and it was a fine effort for them to battle through the disastrous injury toll. Captain David Wright succumbed to his back problems, while Walker and Duda both found themselves injured, ruining the IF roster, which was stacked with veterans. When you add Wilmer Flores, Juan Lagares and the plethora of key pitching staff injuries, such as Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler to this list, you tend to feel the pain the Mets felt. Even with all these key injuries, Noah Syndergaard gave the Mets a real chance to advance, only to fall victim to a stunning HR from Gillaspie, on the back of brilliance from Bumgarner.

It was entirely different circumstances for the Orioles, who went extra frames with their divisional rivals, Toronto, when the historically good closer Britton was unused. Toronto, buoyed by this found a remarkable HR from Edwin Encarnacion which saw them leap into the Division Series against the Texas Rangers. The inexplicable pass on Britton, will long be remembered, but overall the Orioles can have fond memories of season 2016, even if the taste is bittersweet. The feeling in time may be mutual for Toronto, who look more than likely to lose the heart of their slugging staff, Encarnacion and Jose Bautista, to free agency, unable to afford the rewards for their hard work, north of the border.